Genetic Counseling

ISPD understands the unique perspective that Genetic Counselors (GCs) contribute, and considers them an integral part of the society and its purpose. The Genetic Counseling (GC) SIG was launched at the ISPD annual conference in Washington, DC in July 2015.

The SIGs mission is to encourage the exchange of information and experience among professionals providing genetic counseling as well as increasing international awareness of the profession.

SIG Topics of Discussion/Interest

  • Screening and diagnostic techniques
  • Chromosome analysis and microarray
  • Pan-Ethnic carrier screening
  • International collaboration among GCs
  • Genetic counselor training
  • International utilization of GCs
  • Development of an international database of prenatal GCs

SIG Leadership

Co-Chair: Judith Jackson, MS

Co-Chair: Charlotta Ingvoldstad, GC

Meeting Minutes

11 July 2016 - Berlin, Germany (to be posted)
11 July 2016 - SIGs and Education Committee
15 July 2015 - Washington, DC USA (to be posted)

Annual Reports