ISPD Board of Directors





Louise E. Wilkins-Haug, MD, PhD
Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Lyn Chitty, PhD, MRCOG
London, UK


Rossa Chiu, MBBS, PhD, FRCPA
Sha Tin, Hong Kong


Sylvie Langlois, MD, CCMG
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Past President

Ignatia B. Van den Veyver, MD
Houston, Texas, United States





Mahesh Arjandas Choolani, MD, PhD


Monique C. Haak, MD, PhD
Lieden, Netherlands


Maria Laura Igarzabal, MD
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Sebastian Illanes, MD, MSc
Santiago, Chile


Francesca Romana Grati, PhD, ErCLG
Varese, Italy


Glenn E. Palomaki, PhD
Windham, Maine, USA


Neeta Lakshmi Vora, MD
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
Early Career Director

Director, Ex-Officio and Editor in Chief, Prenatal Diagnosis


Diana W. Bianchi, MD
Bethesda, Maryland, USA


ISPD Board of directors in Singapore, September 2019


Conflict of Interest

ISPD is committed to full transparency regarding its leadership and the potential for conflicts of interest. Each member of the Board of Directors is required annually to review the Conflict of Interest Policy and disclose, in writing, any potential conflicts. As noted in the policy, if a Director has a conflict of interest relating to any matter under consideration for a decision by the Board of Directors, he or she shall abstain from any vote, discussion (except as the remaining Board deems necessary for informational purposes), or any attempt to influence the decision of the Board on that matter. The Board may also require the Director to be excused from a meeting while the matter is being deliberated and voted. Relevant financial or other relationships exist between the following ISPD Board members and the commercial interests listed below:
Diana W. Bianchi, MD
I declare no conflict of interest.
22 March 2018

Rossa W. Chiu, MBBS, PhD, FRCPA
Founder of Xcelom, Cirina and DRA; Equity in GRAIL and DRA; Consultant for GRAIL; Expert panelist of Illumina; Research funding from GRAIL; Patent royalty income from Illumina, Sequenom, Xcelom, GRAIL and DRA
7 March 2018

Sylvie Langlois, MD, CCMG
I was (2013-2017) co-PI on a Genome Canada funded research project that received in kind co-funding from Quiagen, Life Technologies, Perkin Elmer and AriosaDx. I am currently co-PI on a second Genome Canada Funded research project that will receive in kind co-funding from ThermoFisher. I am receiving research funding (operating funds) for a validation study with BioCeryx.
15 March 2018

Glenn E. Palomaki, PhD
Recent independent research grants from Sequenom, Inc., Natera, Inc., and PerkinElmer, Inc. were administered through my employer, Women and Infants Hospital (WIH) of Rhode Island. Consultant fees from Beckman Coulter, PerkinElmer, LabCorp, and Ansh Labs were paid to my employer. Honoraria from Illumina, Roche, and PerkinElmer were paid to my employer. I am a member of the Biochemical and Molecular Genetics Resource Committee of the College of American Pathologists.
13 August 2018
Francesca Romana Grati, PhD
Full-time employee of TOMA laboratory without ownership shares; Scientific advisory board member for Roche; Consultant for Menarini Biomarkers
9 March 2018

Ignatia B. Van den Veyver, MD
I am a member of the scientific advisory board of the Baylor-Genetics Laboratories. This is a for profit diagnostic laboratory that is a joint Venture between Baylor college of Medicine and Miraca Holdings. This is a non-compensated position, hence there is no financial conflict of interest.
18 September 2017

Neeta Lakshmi Vora, MD
I declare no conflict of interest.
20 August 2018

Louise E. Wilkins-Haug, MD, PhD
Genetics Section Editor
2 May 2017