ISPD Celebrates Genetic Counselor Awareness Day

Across the globe, more than 5000 genetic counselors assist and support patients. Genetic counselors have advanced training in both medical genetic science and in counseling. Genetic counselors work in a variety of sub-specialties such as cardiac, neurology, pediatric, and prenatal genetics. Many counselors work across many specialties on a daily basis. Some counselors work directly in a clinical setting with patients, and others work in education, public health, and laboratories. Approximately 25% of genetic counselors are dedicated to prenatal genetics. Regardless of our training, specialty, or job setting, genetic counselors are patient advocates.

The International Society of Prenatal Diagnosis has a genetic counseling Special Interest Group.  Approximately 140 prenatal genetic counselors attended our annual conference this year in San Diego, California. Counselors played an integral role in the success of the conference, where they represented 5 continents and 14 countries including Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tunisia, Korea, Albania, China, and the Netherlands.  They taught preconference courses, gave oral presentations, presented posters, moderated sessions, and took part in the lively discussions. ISPD’s board of directors and members appreciate the integral role that counselors play in our society and more importantly understand the significant role that counselors play on a daily basis in the lives of patients.

If you have any questions regarding our genetic counseling SIG, or genetic counseling in general please contact Judy Jackson, CGC, LGC at