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7 Apr 2021
Session 1
Recording Coming Soon

TALK 1:  New insights in the embryology, genetics and prevention of spina bifida — Andrew Copp, MBBS, DPhil, FRCPath, FMedSci, FRSB
Neural tube defects (NTDs) continue to be common congenital malformations worldwide. In this talk Dr. Copp recapped the range of defects that is included within the NTDs, and examined the evidence from developmental biology studies that show the diversity of origins of different NTD sub-types. Causation is usually a combination of genetic risk factors and environmental influences, and Dr. Copp reviewed the current state of genetic research into these conditions. Pathogenesis of NTDs were reviewed with reference to research in mouse models. Primary prevention is possible, via folic acid supplementation and food fortification in countries where this has been implemented. However, prevention is only partial, and additional strategies are needed to progress towards more complete prevention. Inositol is in clinical trial as an adjunct preventive therapy alongside folic acid, and progress was summarized.

TALK 2:  Spina bifida: What we tell the parents — Tim Van Mieghem MD, PhD
Worldwide, about 150 000 infants are born with spina bifida each year, making this condition one of the most common fetal central nervous system anomalies compatible with life. Over the last decade, major changes have been introduced in the prenatal diagnosis and management of spina bifida. In this talk, Dr. Van Mieghem discussed the current prenatal and perinatal management of fetal spina bifida and present essential information that should be provided to expecting parents when their fetus has been diagnosed with spina bifida. This information was focused around common parental questions, as encountered in typical clinical practice.

5 May 2021
Session 2
11:00 AM EDT

TALK 1: Genetic Basis of Abdominal Wall Defects — Mary Norton
This talk will focus on the spectrum of abdominal wall defects, including gastroschisis and omphalocele, and will review genetic disorders that are associated with these anomalies. The lecture will also briefly discuss less common disorders, such as limb-body wall syndrome and Pentalogy of Cantrell. The talk will provide information on what is known about the genetics of these conditions, as well as a practical approach to testing when these disorders are identified.

TALK 2: Title TBA — April Adams
Description TBA


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