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Session Schedule

The second session in the series was presented on 5 May 2021 at 11:00 AM U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (5:00 PM CEST and 3:00 PM UTC).  

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5 May 2021
Session 2
11:00 AM EDT

TALK 1: Genetic Basis of Abdominal Wall Defects — Mary Norton, MD
This talk will focus on the spectrum of abdominal wall defects, including gastroschisis and omphalocele, and will review genetic disorders that are associated with these anomalies. The lecture will also briefly discuss less common disorders, such as limb-body wall syndrome and Pentalogy of Cantrell. The talk will provide information on what is known about the genetics of these conditions, as well as a practical approach to testing when these disorders are identified.

TALK 2: Omphalocele-What should we tell the prospective parents? — April Adams, MD
Omphalocele is one of the most common types of abdominal defects, with an incidence ranging from 1 in 1100 to 1 in 3000 pregnancies. Omphalocele is often associated with genetic and multiple malformation syndromes, and the overall prognosis depends on the size of the omphalocele, genetic studies, and associated anomalies. With improved sensitivity of prenatal ultrasound and expanding prenatal diagnostic options, clinicians are tasked with not only providing the diagnosis, but counseling the prospective parents regarding prenatal and postnatal management options. This talk will review essential points for counseling and answer some common questions that might arise in discussion with parents.


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