Invitation to contribute to January 2020 Prenatal Diagnosis special theme issue: “Maternal and environmental influences on fetal development”

Lisa Hui
Reviews Editor, Prenatal Diagnosis

Prenatal Diagnosis is pleased to announce a call for submissions for the January 2020 themed issue on “Maternal and environmental influences on fetal development.” 

This issue will be a combination of reviews and original research papers addressing the impact of maternal medical conditions, drugs and environmental factors on fetal and placental development.

All our manuscripts, including invited reviews, undergo the full peer review process. Each manuscript has a word limit of 3500 words and 150 references. The due date for this special theme issue is 30 August 2019.

Prenatal Diagnosis
uses ScholarOne Manuscripts for online submission ( Full details and support are available at the site; however, if you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact the Editorial Office for assistance

I encourage authors to contact me in advance regarding their intended submissions in order to plan the content of the issue.

Thank you for considering our invitation and supporting the continued success of Prenatal Diagnosis!