President's Message

Welcome to the October-November 2022 edition of Global Updates.

I am honored to take on the role as President of the ISPD and would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to all the Society members for their confidence and support.

Our Society has accomplished much and weathered through the global pandemic brilliantly. This has only been possible because of the outstanding leadership of Past President, Professor Lyn Chitty, who worked tirelessly to pursue the mission of our Society in advancing the science and practice of genetics and fetal care worldwide. She achieved all these despite the obstacles posed by the global pandemic.

During Lyn’s Presidency, the Board continued to meet virtually to further the educational work of the Society all around the world. Lyn found new ways of keeping the Society active through challenging times, and successfully organized our first fully virtual meeting in 2021. In her second year of Presidency, together with the Local Organizing Committee, Lyn organized and hosted one of the first peri-Covid in-person medical conferences in the world: the very successful International Conference on Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy held in June of this year in Montreal, where many of us were able to meet each other once again.

We continue to expand our efforts in the Global Education and Outreach Program, successfully having organized several webinars in many countries around the world through the Covid years. Building on Lyn’s success, we will continue to expand our global outreach through our Virtual Education Series and local webinars and seminars that have excellent participation. 

Emerging out of Covid-times, I hope to be able to broaden the reach of our Society even further, into parts of the world where participation is limited but direly needed. We will continue hosting our annual International Conferences in person and continue expanding our Global Education and Outreach programs. But I intend to go further. I intend to build bilateral engagements with our Society and like-minded communities in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. The greater our international representation, the stronger our Society will become.

I am very much looking forward to working with you and the ISPD Board, to pursue our Society’s mission. If you are not already a Member of the ISPD, we would like to graciously invite you to join us on this journey. We invite you to be part of shaping the next generation of professionals in prenatal diagnosis. We look forward to feedback and suggestions from you on how we as the ISPD Board could serve you better, and we are enthusiastic for you to step forward to serve our ISPD Community in various leadership roles.