Meet the Editors of Global Updates

Lynn Bush, PhD, MS, MA

Dr. Bush is a bioethicist, developmental scientist, and educator currently on faculty Genetics and Genomics Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), faculty Harvard Medical School (HMS) Genetics Training Program, faculty Center for Bioethics HMS, lecturer on Pediatrics pt HMS, and a member of The Academy HMS and at BCH. She is Collaborator to the Timothy Yu Lab on bioethical aspects of individualized antisense oligonucleotide therapies as rare as n-of-1 and rapid genomic sequencing in the NICU. Previously, she was at Columbia University Medical Center on faculty in Pediatric Clinical Genetics where she served as bioethicist for weekly MFM-Peds Genomic Case Conferences and Sign-outs with Drs. Ron Wapner and Brynn Levy and was faculty Program in Women and Children’s Bioethics. Dr. Bush earned graduate degrees from Columbia, with a PhD in Clinical Psychology, child and neuro subspecialty; MS in Bioethics, genomics-centric; and MA in Developmental Psychology, focused on fetology and infancy. Post-graduate work was pursued in genomics, neuroscience, and fetology. Her clinical and research training was at Einstein-Montefiore (Internship) and Mt. Sinai (Fellowships) and she has expertise in qualitative, longitudinal, and case methodologies.


Dr. Hui is an Australian maternal fetal medicine specialist practicing in the Department of Perinatal Medicine, Mercy Hospital for Women in Melbourne. During her PhD training, Dr. Hui studied amniotic fluid cell-free RNA in Dr. Bianchi's lab at the Mother Infant Research Institute in Boston from 2010-2012.

Her current research interests include prenatal screening and noninvasive prenatal testing, and mRNA biomarkers of fetal development. Her current projects include a population-based study on socioeconomic disadvantage and disparity in utilization of noninvasive prenatal testing and developing clinical applications for amniotic fluid mRNA.

Florencia Petracchi, MD

Dr. Petracchi is the division head of genetics in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at CEMIC Buenos Aires Argentina. She has a Masters in Clinical Effectiveness with focus in Clinical and Epidemiological Research Health Technology Assessment and Economic Evaluations, and Clinical Management and Quality of Health Care.

Dr. Petracchi's research and clinical interests include prenatal diagnosis, invasive procedures, hereditary oncology, reproductive genetics and epidemiology.


Neeta L. Vora, MD

Dr. Vora is an MFM-Geneticist and Director of Reproductive Genetics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She completed her MFM-Genetics fellowship training at Tufts Medical Center and worked in Dr Bianchi’s lab during her fellowship, studying the role of cell free DNA in various pregnancy conditions. Her current research focuses on exome sequencing in anomalous fetuses, implementation of cell free fetal DNA in the clinical setting, and fetal gene expression in preterm birth.