ISPD Interviews with Experts

ISPD has initiated a series of interviews with experts in the field of prenatal diagnosis and therapy and will specifically focus on current hot topics and the future of reproductive screening.  These interviews will be recorded periodically and made available to ISPD members.

Inaugural Interview

Kypros Nicolaides, Professor of Fetal Medicine at King's College London (UK) gave a presentation on the "Past and future of prenatal diagnosis" at ISPD's 22nd conference in Antwerp, Belgium. While there, he joined the Reproductive Screening SIG Co-Chairs, Lorraine Dugoff and Liona Poon, for this exclusive interview. Professor Nicolaides answered questions and shared his opinion on preeclampsia screening and common trisomy screenings.
Video of questions 1 and 9 are provided to the public for open access. The rest of the questions are available to ISPD members and 2018 Conference attendees.

Question 1:  Are you opposed to using cfDNA test as a first line test to all women?

Question 2:  How have you integrated the cfDNA test with ultrasound scan in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Question 3:  Is there any role for serum screening for woean who have had a cfDNA test?

Question 4:  What is your opinion on using cfDNA tests for twins?

Question 5:  How is the fraction rate important?

Question 6:  What will be the ideal timing for the cfDNA test and the mini anomaly scan?

Question 7:  What do you think are the most important research questions in our field that still need to be addressed?

Question 8:  What are obstacles in offering 1st trimester screening?

Question 9:  What is your opinion on offering 1st trimester pre-eclampsia screening without uterine artery doppler or PLGF?

Question 10:  Should we recommend universal aspirin for all pregnant women?

Question 11:  What is the strategy for term pre-eclampsia?

Question 12:  How do you monitor women at high risk for preterm pre-eclampsia?

Question 13:  What is your opinion on sFlt-1/PIGF as a triage test?


Kypros Nicolaides at ISPD 2018 in Antwerp, Belgium