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Imaging and Fetal Phenotyping

Co-Chairs: Stephanie E. Dukhovny, MD and Fionnuala Mone, II, PhD

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Stephanie Dukhovny

Fionnuala Mone

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Imaging & Fetal Phenotyping Online Community for ISPD Members

This SIG has recently changed its name to include imaging modalities beyond fetal ultrasound, which is still the mainstay of prenatal imaging diagnosis. Activities focus predominantly on pre-congress courses, but the SIG also wishes to produce tools for clinical aid (systematic reviews, management algorithms) and to offer a forum for ongoing engagement between SIG members, and with other professionals involved in Prenatal Diagnosis, including those working in the laboratory and clinical settings.

SIG Topics of Discussion/Interest

  • Prenatal Dysmorphology of Genetic Syndromes
  • Detection of Congenital Anomalies
  • Ultrasound Markers of Aneuploidy
  • The Genetic Sonogram
  • Prenatal and postmortem MRI
  • Color and pulsed Doppler
  • New Ultrasound Technologies
  • First trimester screening
  • ltrasound-guided invasive diagnostic procedures

Global Updates Articles

Role of ultrasound in women who undergo cell free DNA screening (2017.3)

Prenatal Imaging Following Zika Exposure (2016.1)


Recommended Reading/Viewing

TALK 2: Callosal anomalies in the fetus (VES Webinar, 20 Dec 2021)
Talk 2 begins 16.5 minutes into the recording.

Machine learning to interpret fetal phenotyping and sequencing data: Lessons learned from newborns (ISPD conference presentation, June 2021)

Functional Imaging (VES Webinar, 4 Nov 2020)