Conference & Course Formats

In-Person Course

Because of its hands-on format, the fetal therapy pre-conference course on Sunday, 19 June 2022, will be available only to participants who register and attend in person at the Sainte-Justine University Hospital in Montréal. This course will not be accessible to anyone who does not travel to Montréal and it will not be recorded.

The maximum number of participants for this course is 24. See the program for more information.

Hybrid Sessions and Courses

All conference sessions and post-conference courses will be delivered in a simultaneous hybrid format, meaning they will be taught simultaneously to both an in-person audience in Montréal and a virtual audience on the virtual platform (for conference sessions) or on Zoom (for courses). There will be at least one facilitator paying attention to the online Q&A and calling questions to the attention of presenters as necessary. The facilitator will manage any necessary breakout rooms, exercises, or activities. Because sessions and courses will be conducted simultaneously, the virtual audience will need to participate on the same schedule as the in-person audience in Montréal. Separate registration is required for each course.

Recordings of the conference sessions and post-conference courses will be made available on the virtual platform approximately one week after the event. If a presenter has not released their presentation, it will be edited out before the recording is posted. Both in-person and virtual registrants will have access to the virtual platform for six months. See the program for more information on sessions and courses.