Preconference Courses

Course details are subject to change.

All times are British Summer Time (BST / UTC+1).

Each course includes a networking and beverage break.

Sunday, 18 June 2023


9:00 – 1:00 PM BST (UTC+1)

Course 1  |  Exomes

Chairs: Natalie Chandler and Sandi Deans
  1. How can clinicians contribute to the interpretation and reporting of fetal sequencing results. Sylvie Langlois
  2. Developing a national rapid fetal sequencing service — what should be reported and when. Brigitte Faas
  3. Cases where variants are reported which do not confirm a diagnosis. Natalie Chandler
  4. The challenges of standardising prenatal variant interpretation. Melody Tabiner
  5. Round table: Guidelines for laboratory testing and reporting fetal sequencing results. 
  6. Round table: Challenging cases for discussion, submission from delegates

Course 2  |  First Trimester Screening

Chairs: Lisa Hui and Katia Bilardo
  1. Overview of the updated ISPD NIPT statement. Lisa Hui
  2. What are we missing when we replace the first trimester combined screen with cell-free DNA screening? Katia Bilardo
  3. Screening the maternal virome with first trimester plasma cfDNA — is this the future? Erik Sistermans
  4. What is the most comprehensive paradigm for first trimester screening? Oliver Kagan
  5. Routine T1 anatomy survey - what will it take to make this standard of care? Jehan Karim 
  6. Aneuploidy screening early in the first trimester: the power of the 10 week pre-NIPT scan. Simon Meagher

1:00 – 2:00 PM BST (UTC+1) — Course Registrant Lunch


2:00 – 6:00 PM BST (UTC+1)

Course 3  | NIPT

Chairs: Mark Pertile and Erik Sistermans
  1. Paradigm changes in prenatal testing: the global impact of NIPT. Diana Bianchi
  2. Introducing NIPD. Natalie Chandler
  3. NGS based NIPT, targeted or genome wide? Joris Vermeesch 
  4. Importance and limits of reporting fetal fraction. Erik Sistermans
  5. Discordant NIPT results: Lessons in maternal and placental biology. Mark Pertile
  6. Panel, Q&A or case studies

Course 4  |  Imaging as an Aid in the Era of Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy

Chairs: Anna David and Mary Porteous 

  1. The role of imaging (MRI and USS) in the diagnosis and surgical management of open spina bifida.  Michael Aertsen
  2. Which is the best imaging to diagnose and plan the care of women with Placenta Accreta Spectrum? Sebastian Hobson
  3. How does fetal imagining inform subsequent genomic test interpretation. Mary Porteous and Rebecca Reimers
  4. Imaging of fetal cardiac anomalies — current practice and innovative techniques. Dr. David Lloyd
  5. Imaging and genetics in the diagnosis and management of early onset fetal growth restriction. Dr. Anna David
  6. Case Studies