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Contents of ISPD 2021 Conference Recordings Library

The following presentations are included in the 2021 Conference Video Library:

Opening Plenary, Top Abstracts
  • Keynote – Genomic Epidemiology of the Pandemic, Judith Breuer
  • Investigating the susceptibility of human fetal tissues to vertical transmission of SARS-CoV2, Joseph Davidson
  • Multicenter prospective study of SNP-based cfDNA for 22q11.2 deletion in 18,290 pregnancies with genetic confirmation, Pe'er Dar
  • Clinical pilot integrating single gene non-invasive prenatal testing (sgNIPT) panel, Sophie Adams
Awards, Machine learning to interpret fetal phenotyping and sequencing data
  • 2021 Award Announcements
  • Machine learning to interpret fetal phenotyping and sequencing data: Lessons learned from pediatrics, Stephen Kingsmore 
Beyond the Karyotype
  • Karyotyping, sequencing and everything in between: Working towards a single all-encompassing test, Brynn Levy
  • Current use of NIPT in Europe, Australia and USA, Joris Vermeesch
  • Alternative Uses of cfDNA in maternal plasma: Beyond assessment of fetal genetic diseases, Rossa Chiu
Debate 1 - All IVF cycles should involve pre-implantation genetic testing to improve fetal health and pregnancy outcomes
  • All IVF cycles should involve pre-implantation genetic testing to improve fetal health and pregnancy outcomes
    • For: David Amor
    • Against: Julian Savulescu
    • Moderator: Louise Wilkins-Haug
Education and Early Career
  • Education in the New Era, Mary Norton
  • Select Best Early Career Abstract Presentation:
    The cell-free DNA virome of 108.349 Dutch pregnant women: Towards NIPT-based early detection of viral infections, Jasper Linthorst
Fetal Therapy - co-sponsored by iFeTIS
  • Treatment of XLHED in utero, Holm Schneider
  • New understandings about the fetal immune system development with relevance to fetal treatment, Naomi McGovern
  • A proposed system for fetal and maternal adverse event grading for fetal therapy clinical trials, Anna David
  • Abstract Presentations:
    • Enhanced Donor Chimerism and Immune Modulation by Paternal Donor Intrauterine Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in a Murine Model, Citra Mattar
    • Impact of fetal endoscopic tracheal occlusion in fetuses with congenital diaphragmatic hernia and moderate lung hypoplasia, Rogelio Cruz-Martínez
Pioneer Award Lecture
  • The Unexpected: Our Best Teacher, Ron Wapner, 2020 Pioneer Award Recipient
Prenatal Diagnosis Journal Update and Anniversary, Debate 2 - Amniocentesis rather than CVS should be offered to confirm abnormal NIPT results
  • Prenatal Diagnosis Update, Lyn Chitty
  • 40th Anniversary of Prenatal Diagnosis, Diana Bianchi
  • Debate 2 – Amniocentesis rather than CVS should be offered to confirm abnormal NIPT results
    • For: Mark Pertile
    • Against: Diane Van Opstal
    • Moderator: Igna Van den Veyver
Screening for maternal/fetal morbidity
  • Maternal biomarkers in the era of NIPT: What are they worth?, Emmanuel Bujold
  • Screening for CMV, Brenna Hughes
TOTAL Trial and Closing Remarks
  • TOTAL Trial Results, Jan Deprest
  • A FETO Critics Perspective on the TOTAL Trials, Alan Flake